R&D Tax Credit: Engineering Firm Webinar


The R&D Tax Credit: Compensation for Innovation

This course will cover the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit, including the basics of the credit and the major recent updates. The R&D Tax Credit is available for companies engaged the development of new or improved products and processes. First enacted in 1981, the R&D Credit is now permanent and expanded with new provisions that enable more companies to monetize the credit. Learn how hundreds of companies can offset research and development expenses each year by taking advantage of R&D Tax Credits.

Course Objectives:
  • The basics of the R&D Tax Credit and its major recent updates
  • How engineering firms can utilize the R&D Tax Credit and what types of project qualify
  • The four-part test and criteria that must be met to claim the R&D Tax Credit
  • Expenses that qualify towards the R&D Tax Credit

Additionally, case studies on engineering firms obtaining six-figure R&D Tax Credits will be presented.

Cancellation:If R&D Tax Savers must cancel, notification will be sent via email or telephone prior to the start of the course.

For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaints, please email info@rdtaxsavers.com or call 516-364-2630.

Webinar Registration:

April 9, 3:00pm EST
April 13, 12:00pm EST
April 15, 2:00pm EST